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Arabic Make up

Arabic Make up

The elegance & charm of Arabic make it quite popular in fashion industry. The makeup gives a subtle as well as bold look at the same time, which makes it unique in its own way. Whether it’s your wedding or a party, if you want to walk it like a girl in Arabian nights then Arabian makeup is perfect for you. Just like any other makeup it is also divided into three parts i.e. Face which mainly includes cheeks, Eyes & lips. They are the three main features highlighted in every make up technique.

Perfect base for your face

First & foremost thing to remember while going ahead with the idea of applying makeup is to apply a perfect base. This base could be of any foundation which goes with your skin tone. Or you can also use a concealer to hide those fine lines. After that choose a dusky complexion blusher, it suits best on Arabic look. If you have very fair tone then you can also try bronze or little brown.

Eyes are the attention seeker

The main emphasis in Arabic make up is given to eyes. The idea is to draw everyone’s attention towards your eyes. Before starting the real make up first thing you need to do is to put concealer and mash it thoroughly. So, that your eye makeup could stay longer. After that apply a deep colored eye shadow or you can also opt for two different colors. But make sure that if you have chosen a matt color then choose another one which is little shimmery. After that cover your eyelids with liner & kajal properly. Make the lining little thick, it would give little heavier look to your eyes. At the end, put a good amount of mascara to make your lashes look voluminous.

Game Changer Lip shade

Once you are done with cheeks & eyes, the next part is to put a nice colored lip shade. As you have chosen some dark and deep shades for both eyes & cheeks then how can you leave lips separate from them. Choose a lip shade like brown or plum or red and put in on your lips very neatly and mash it up. If you want you can also draw outline with the lip pencil of same shade, it would make your lips fuller and broader. If you have chosen a matt color for your eyes, then you can add a little spark in your makeup by adding putting a gloss.

Perfectly done Arabic make up could make you stand above the crowd in the party. Be beautiful, Look beautiful!