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Stay in Vogue, trendy and classy with
Straight Hair

Stay in Vogue, trendy and classy with Straight Hair

Going sharp in straight

Many fashion designers consider hairstyles to be the most important style statement of a person. They say that hairstyles matter a great deal in bringing out your personality and  play a vital role  in leaving a good impression on others. Straight hair is the thing to buzz around with be it a formal meeting or a family dinner.

Saloons and styling products allow you to get your hair straightened within a couple of hours. But there are different methods to get your hair permanently straightened, with methods like chemical rebonding, or rock it temporarily with an electric straightener and styling products. Also, you need to maintain a lot after you get your hair straightened, customized conditioners and shampoos are an aid to post straightening care.

The trend

With the fashion styles changing quite often all over the world, some hairstyles stay in trend for a short time while some for a long time. But according to fashion reports straight hair has been in trend for quite a long time now. It has been seen that trend for it have been increasing in recent years. Reports say that number of people having it has increased very highly in recent years, and the numbers are very high for women. But what sets the trend? It’s the celebrities. People tend to follow what famous celebrities do. With famous celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez, and many more getting that hairstyle the trend is set for 2015.

Being the most enduring, sheeny and resilient of all hair types. It resilient to damage and may be difficult to curl. It is also very oily type of hair. Also people with this kind of hair find it very easy to grow long hair. This hair is also of advantage in cold climate. So, you can see that it not only keeps you in up to date with the fashion world but also gives you a lot of other advantages.

Taking proper care

According to many hair experts and stylists, this type of hair has many advantages over other hair types in terms of fashion. They say it is the best to be left open without working on it. And also if you are too lazy to even set your hair, this hair type makes it all as it takes no time to set them and you can easily style them. Also, experts say that you can get a lot more experimental with them. Even the best professional hairstylists said that they love to work with this hair and there are a lot of ideas to be implemented with this hair. Even you can be creative with straight hair. So, you can see that this hair type brings with it a lot to offer for you and your approach to your hairstyles.

There are always cons to everything, and so as to it there are cons too.. If you have got your hair artificially straightened, then there is a chance of hair damage by the chemicals used during straightening. And you need to take high care of your hair to keep them well maintained and in good condition.