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Beat the sun with a DIY easy crochet hat

Beat the sun with a DIY easy crochet hat

The summer is here, the sun shines high and mighty rays rain down upon you. Your hair and skin is especially venerable. Of course there is sunscreen for the skin but the hair is left unprotected. A hat can do the trick but it suffocates your hair and blocks the natural beauty. Here, a nice easy crochet hat that you can make at home comes to the rescue. The market can be a weird place to find a hat which suits you and no one else. So get ready with some yarn and a hook to crochet yourself with love. Here are the two M’s your need to follow before you start making your own easy crochet hat.–

  1. Material – Crochet yarns can be made into a variety of things like blankets and door mats to baby sweater and hats. So it’s often confusing to choose the right yarn. There is no golden rule in choosing yarn. Its specific to your needs, and for a nice easy crochet hat its best to start with smooth, silky cotton or merino breed yarn or Afghanistani ghazi wool. The last one is a little difficult to get, but if you ever get it grab it before it’s gone. For a crochet hat choose a material that’s not too rough and tough but a little elastic.
  1. Measurements – You have to have a clear idea of the measurements you need before you start hooking. It is pretty straight forward and simple. You need two simple measurements.
  2. Circumference: Length of forehead to the back of your head.
  3. Height : ear to the top of the head( any ear will do, as both as same )

So be ready and started making an easy crochet hat.