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Short going stylish: Cute hairstyles for
short hair

Short going stylish: Cute hairstyles for short hair

With a plethora of options and styles available, choosing a hair style can be quite confusing.  Trimming your hair short is a new trend that has been on a rise in the past few years. And this style is somewhat revolutionary and is quite contrary to the general stereotype. So let us delve and explore why short hairs are becoming increasingly popular .

Why short hair?

Cutting your hairs short can change your look completely. You can literally transform yourself to an almost new personality. The perks of keeping your hairs short are many. The greatest benefit of keeping your hairs short is easy maintenance. Keeping long hairs is troublesome for many since it requires a lot of attention and care. But this is not the case with short hairs. They are quite easy and simple to maintain and require less effort.

Short hairs allow for much of adventure without lot of hassle. You can go bold or subtle with appropriate hair colors or highlights. You can decorate them innovatively with beads or flowers or both. You can, with the help of hair waxes and sprays, go sleek or messy or go completely natural. There are a large number of options available for short hairstyles. We broadly categorize them into two: the funky ones and the completely natural ones.

Go funky with short hairs

With the use of proper dyes and hair colors, you can have anything between cute hairstyles for short hairs to bold and funky ones. You can trim them short and use vibrant colors to dye them. This will give a punk look to your hairs. You can even use multiple colors at once to increase the funkiness. And after applying dyes, you can leave them as they are or tie them in up in various possible ways.

You can braid up your colored hair, or crop them up from the roots(a pixie look) or simply have a classic bob cut. If not any of these, you can spike them up in raw mohawk fashion.  And then there is always room for more. You can further decorate them with the help of beads and flowers of your own choice to compliment the hair color.

The au naturel way

The other thing that you can do to get a cute hairstyle for short hair is to go completely natural. Don’t apply vibrant colors on your hair. Let it be completely natural. And then you can either have a short and cute ponytail, or tie up a half knot, or create beautiful waves out of them.

Short hairstyles offer you numerous possibilities. And it is for the same reason that many of your favorite actors and actresses have adopted shorter hairs. Search for one that fits you the best and go with it. And there is a lot of room for experiment. Try it out!