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David beckham hairstyles: different trend

David beckham hairstyles: different trend setter

David beckham is the start footballer who plays for the country England and also David beckham is one of the most celebrated celebrities all across the world. David beckham started playing at a very young age of 14 and now he recently turned 40 in 2015. During his 26 years long career he not only motivated millions of football fans across the world but also has been a challenge to fashion superstars because of the personality he carries and also mainly because of his hairstyles which changes from time to time.

David beckham is known for the variations in his hairstyles. David beckham hairstyles are those styles which are known as trend setter in fashion industry. All the experiments done by this star English entertainer have been well accepted by the fans all around the world as well as those who are experts in the field of hairstyles.

David beckham had a variety of hair colors and also his long list of hairstyles includes long hairs, short hairs, medium hairs, Mohawk hairstyle. David beckham once also had the ponytail which created a lot of sensation in fashion industry.

Some of the most famous and well accepted David beckham hairstyles are –

  • Short length cut: this is similar to crew cut in which all the hairs are of similar size and that too very small; there is no variation in length across top side, above the ears and at the back. During this very short hair cut, color of David beckham’s hair was blonde.
  • Cool David beckham: during this hairstyle, David beckham had long hairs and that too in blonde color and those hairs were spread on both the sides of forehead.
  • Spikes of David beckham: David beckham also created sensation when he had these super cool and aesthetically pleasurable spikes and supported with the short sized sides.
  • Mohawk of David beckham: Mohawk is the hairstyle in which the both the sides are shaved as well as back is also shaped but in such case a little hairs at the centre of head are left which starts from the top and the line of hairs is till the end of back side. After this edgy hairstyle the list of David beckham hairstyles became more experimented and stylish as well.
  • Long lengthy hairs: the stylish face of David beckham became more stylish with these blonde long hairs with length up to shoulders and the parting was done in the middle of head.
  • David beckham relaxing: during this session of hairstyle David beckham used to carry a band across the forehead to prevent the sweat and also to maintain the parting of hairs which was done in the middle of head while playing football.
  • Super pony tail of David beckham: normal people used to carry a single pony tail at the back side but David beckham came up with this cool concept of carrying these two pony tails, making him out of the league and different from crowd.