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Best Brown Hair Color Ideas

Best Brown Hair Color Ideas

Are you crazy about your hair and want to try different brown hair color shades? You can get inspiration from celebs that use myriad shades of brown hair color. You will get best looks and will be able to down a different look for different occasions. In this article, you will get ideas to try different brown hair color.

Mahogany brown

Mahogany brown is another brown hair color shade that might add up to your personality. You can use this shade to derive stunning looks of actress and model Lily Collins who uses this shade as her style statement. You can try a mahogany brown bob with subtle reddish undertones. Mahogany is a rich reddish-brown that sets with any complexion. If you have short hair, you can add extra reddish lowlights to your tips for a gorgeous touch.

Dark brown with golden dip-dyed ends

Another stunning brown hair color shade is dark brown with golden dip-dyed ends that make you appear as a stunning diva. You will get radiant and carefree look with your long dark brown locks and golden dip-dyed ends. For super-shiny locks, you can use heat protection serum before styling your hair to prevent unnecessary damage.

Dark chocolate brown

If you search is still on for the best brown shade for your hair, you must give try to dark chocolate brown shade, another type of brown hair color. You will look striking with your dark chocolate brown waves of hair. You can adopt hair styles that appear more prominent with the dark chocolate brown shade. Your streaks of chestnut brown will add vibrancy to your hair color, lifting your complexion and bringing out the best in you.

Chestnut brown

Brown hair color shades are endless. You can also give a try to chestnut brown shade. Your hair will look amazing and enhance your overall looks as the shade settles with all skin complexions. The chestnut brown color adds vibrancy to your personality. You can create a chestnut brown bob as you will appear playful and elegant. While you go out for a party or get-together, your chestnut brown shade will give you extra depth. You can also add a few golden streaks to create a killer effect.

Light ash brown

Your hair style will get extra stunning effect with light ash brown shade. You can use light ash brown color to get the romantic and feminine looks. The shade will soften your complexion. You can pair your light ash brown hair with the colorful makeup. The color enhances your personality giving you an edge over others in the party.

Dark coffee brown

You will use dark coffee brown hair color to give your hair extra shine and gorgeous looks. This color shade adjusts very well with your long, short and medium hair. If you don’t want to use this shade to all your hair, you can add a few chocolate brown overtones to locks around your face.