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Different eye popping for knitted
slippers  patterns

Different eye popping for knitted slippers  patterns

Can you imagine the best thing that anybody would love? Yes the answer is correct! They are gifts. They are the token of love you have buried in the mind. The best gift one can give during the winter is perhaps a knitted slipper which is trendy at the same time functional. Knitted slipper is made with a needle and some yarn in a particular pattern. A pattern is the repeated arrangements or sequence in a particular manner. They are not only cheap but also can be worn to complement the attire you wear. They can be worn inside as well as outside the house.

Different patterns of knitted slippers

Knitted slippers need different kinds of free patterns to make the magic work. There are different kinds of patterns available in the internet to help newbies to kick start their hobby of knitting. There are two different kinds of patterns such as loom knitting and needle knitting. For beginners loom knitting is easier than needle knitting. Using a brown yarn one can loom knit an awesome slipper and further decorate them with buttons on it. We can always rely on further options for embellishments like pom-poms, bells and lace to beautify the woolen leg coverings. Even floral designs on them would give an impressive dazzling look to these woolen boots.

It would be wonderful to wear a classic and comfy leg coverings with a gray yarn, casting   28or 32 garter stitches on them according to the size of the person. The next step is ribbing till the slipper is knit an inch less than the foot. After some final finishing is done, a new pair of woolen boots is ready. It would be awesome to see somebody wearing a red colored knitted leg warmer having a floral design and a button in the middle. All you need to have is a 4mm needle and a worsted yarn, wool to cross stitch this pattern.

There is another attractive women’s traditional Bulgarian pattern using gray and white combination wool, which is wicked comfortable and captivating. Seamless patterns are mostly suitable for adults to wear and they are sewn starting from the heel to the front. The Duffers’ free pattern looks really charming with the combination of brown and orange double strand of yarn.

When we hear the word slipper only leather or plastic slippers come to our mind. But now a days, a new word has taken birth with the advent of knitting. It is knitted woolen slippers. These slippers are light weighted and keep the legs warm. Since these are made of natural fiber-that is, from sheep skin, they don’t have any side effects and perfectly hugs the feet of women, men or children.