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Different Minion Knitting Patterns

Different Minion Knitting Patterns

Do you love minions? Well, if yes, then this winter knit different types of minions and give your love a true picture. You can knit a hat, handbag, socks, slippers, gloves, blanket, towel, pillow cover and many other patterns in minion design.Create these wonderful patterns to bring a smile to children:

Minion slippers for kids:

These slippers look like the actual minion and a favourite wear for kids. This looks adorable and provides a comfortable fitting. Well, you can also gift this pattern to your loved one.

An army of minion:

In these cold days, gather an army of knitted minions. This is the best idea create your own team and attract attention. So, develop a desire to rule the world and manage a knit and purl stitches. Use different colors and patterns for the different minion.

One-eyed minion:

Knitting this minion is as simple as other; the only difference is that you have to knit s big eye rather than the two small eyes. This one is too cute.

Minion phone cover knitting pattern:

This pattern is for the crazy lover of minions. Knit a minion phone cover pattern and place it always near to your heart. This sweet, cute minion looks like a baby.

Minion hat:

Great news for minion fans, now they can easily knit a minion hat. Learn basic techniques of knitting and some stitches like purl and gutter and knit this pattern freely. For this, they need yellow, black, white, red and grey color yarn.