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Hair Tinsel For Harmless Hair Styling

Hair Tinsel For Harmless Hair Styling

Any form of hair styling has an important part to play in creating a complete look. If the hair is not done properly, no matter how stylish your attire is, it would still remain incomplete. Nowadays there are more than one way of styling your hair, you can straighten it, curl it, colour it, highlight it or use simple yet pretty hair accessories to go with your dress up.

One of the most popular hair accessories these days is hair tinsel. It is a cheaper and temporary alternative to dyeing or highlighting your hair. Many people avoid dyeing their hair with the fear that it might damage the natural health of their hair. Hair colours do have chemicals that might lead to hair damage if used on a regular basis.

What Is A Hair Tinsel?

Hair tinsels are transparent hair extensions that come in different colours and add a shimmery effect to the hair. They are quite affordable and are used on a temporary basis, that is, they can be removed when the need is over. The best advantage of using hair tinsel is that you do not need to dye your hair and thus there is no question of allergy or any kind of damage to the hair due to harsh chemicals used in the hair dyes.

These hair accessories can be used by little girls as well and are perfect for any event, prom, special date or a party. The slightly glittery strands would be visible intermittently within your real hair and would definitely draw a lot admiration your way even within a big crowd.

Advantages Of Wearing Hair Tinsel:  

There are a number of reasons to why you should go for hair tinsels instead of highlighting your hair. Firstly it is a lot safer since they are mere extensions and you are not required to apply anything on your hair for the styling. Secondly, highlights or hair dyes and even colouring hair sprays require a lot of maintenance, whereas hair tinsels do not require any sort of maintenance. Thirdly, They are quiet cheaper alternatives to the hair colours or highlights and since each packet contain about 100 strands, they last for months depending of the frequency of usage.

How To Wear Hair Tinsel:

Hair tinsels are easy to wear and also is very less time consuming. After selecting the colour of the tinsel first you should first fold it in a loop and then take a few strands of hair and tie the tinsel into a knot with the real hair. The tinsel should be tied a little off the hair parting so that the knot is not visible and tinsel is allowed to sparkle from between the hairs.