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How to Apply Scene Makeup for Eyes

How to Apply Scene Makeup for Eyes

The scene makeup provides you great looks with its dramatic mix of colors and bold streaks. Your face and eyes come alive with the scene makeup. In order to achieve the scene makeup looks, you need to follow a few steps to get the perfect look for your face and eyes. In this article there are key tips for scene makeup, especially to enhance the looks of your eyes. You will get the true enhancement and your eyes will stand out.

Use your primer using a foundation brush

In order to make your eyes appear like you have applied the scene makeup for a camera shot, you need to use the primer on your eyelids using a foundation brush. This is the first and most important thing to achieve the glamorous look. The primer needs to fall below the eye, in the lids, and in the corners of the eyes. But do not pull on your eye too much as it can cause wrinkling.

Apply white eyeshadow using an eye shadow brush

The second step is to make your eyes glamorous like the scene makeup does. You need to apply the white eyeshadow using an eye shadow brush. The white should be used in the corners of the eyes, and just under the eyebrow. You can also use a pale pink and blue to get extra shine in your eyes. You can use a shimmer version of the eye shadow.

Apply the gray shadow to the lid of the eye

You should apply the gray shadow on the lid of your eye, and on the crease of eyes. Your eyes will come alive and get a dramatic stunning looks. You can substitute gray eyeshadow for a vibrant pink, blue or green shade.

Apply the black eyeshadow

You can apply the black eye shadow to get the glamorous look through eyes. Applying it on the eye shadow will make your eyes appear great. You will become beautiful and be center of attraction for everyone.

Use eyeliner pencil for scene makeup look 

Further you have to use an eye liner pencil to create a thick line on the inner rim of the eyes for scene makeup look. This will change the texture of eyes and they will look dramatically different. You could be filmed in such look. You can also try a dark colored eye liner.

False eyelashes

If you are not satisfied with your eyelashes, you can apply the false eyelashes on the upper lid of your eyes. It creates magic effect as your face becomes vibrant. You can also add mascara after the lashes become dry. There are many brands that offer false eyelashes for creative styles.

The tips will help you to achieve the desired scene makeup look as if you are going for a shoot.