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Mesmerize some vintage or 50s hairstyles

Mesmerize some vintage or 50s hairstyles

From Amy Winehouse’s humongous beehive, to Marilyn Monroe’s gorgeous golden locks, we just cannot get enough of celebrities and their vintage hairstyles. How do they pull them off without looking as though they have dragged through hedge rearwards? How did they come up with these pristine conceptions? Just how many hours did their stylists spend making them look a million dollars? Vintage hairstyles are fascinating.

For years, we have starkly transfixed by the glamorous vintage hairstyles of our classy role models such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Those fantastic blonde curly locks that Marilyn modelled inspired us all in the 50s. While valiant Audrey pushed all the boundaries with her short and jagged tresses. Then arrived the astronomically immense bouffant styles of the 60s, followed by the thick and full styles of the 70s and 80s. Therefore, what do we descry about hair fashion? It all bypasses in circles! Amy Winehouse rocks the classic beehive that is inspiring teens all over the world, and with stars such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna chopping their long locks into short snappy styles; an old trend is reformed and reshaped.50s hairstyles

Some would verbally express that our GHD straightness, blow dryers and expensive salon products are our hair saviours, without which we could not engender those wondrous dos. However, how did they manage to concoct high maintenance hairstyles in the 50s and 60s? Uncomfortable nights slumbering whilst wearing hair rollers and pins were habituate to engender those tight curls and it was popular to have thick “bangs” cut to engender a more edgy style. From there the groovy swinging’ 60s surmounted with sizably voluminous fashion inspiring stars such as Twiggy parading her ultra short crop and the mop haired Beatles. With the 60’s influence additionally came funky appendages such as multicoloured headscarves, Alice bands and brightly colour flower power clips.

The 80s perpetuated the punkish theme, but brought along it is own styles of thick and feathered looks. Some of the style legends of this time include Michael Jackson, who modelled the trendy “Jheri curl” and Cindy Lauper who told us “Girls just want to have regalement”, especially when dying their hair all sorts of vibrant colours as she did.

From here, hair fashion has developed into a more sophisticated, straight and sleek trend but with curly hair withal still firmly holding its place as a timeless hair trend. The availability of hair strengtheners, blow dryers, curling tongs, rollers, clips, appendages and highly trained hairdressers has sanctioned us all to develop our own hairstyles but celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Dita Von Teese strive to model the vintage hairstyles but with their own modern twists.