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How to find the best summer hats for this summer

How to find the best summer hats for this summer

Functionality and style- both in one

A hat is more than just an accessory for protecting you from the sun. With the different styles and colors that you can get, a hat is something that will add on to your unique attire, and can be the defining element in your wardrobe. A wide range of summer hats allows you to go beyond the usual fedoras to many other fashionable choices as well. If you are not sure of what to keep in mind while shopping for hats, then the following information may prove quite helpful.

The season, fit and hair

These three elements are what you need to consider while finding the best of summer hats. Since we are obviously talking about summer hats here, you will want to go in for straw hats, the traditional best for the summer months. These are well ventilated and help to get rid of any trapped heat, thus keeping you cool.

There are many sizes of hats that in the market, but the right fit is what will make the most difference. Try different hats in-store or measure your head’s circumference if you are shopping offline. Too big a hat will fly off- you want a hat that feels secure and is not too tight. Your hair length also goes a long way in deciding which hat looks best. A close fitting cloche might just go best with short hair, while wide styles may be for the longer hairstyles.

However- there are no hard & fast rules to choosing summer hats- it is all about experimentation and keeping a few basic suggestions in mind as you do so!