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Guide to buying cool men’s belts

Guide to buying cool men’s belts

A simple belt done right confirms your seriousness in fashion as a man. For serious men who mind their appearance and styles that they choose, men’s belts aren’t the same, and no uniform size fits all. That’s why you’ll find those with nice looking belts and others with loose and sagging ones that mean that the length wasn’t chosen well. So how do you go about when shopping for a belt that will match most of your trousers? Here is a simple guide.


A cool belt best for most of your pairs of trousers should have a few inches to the left when you are on it and not just one that’s only long enough to go round your waist. Such a belt should also have some degree of flexibility.

You should, however, avoid belts with overly long tails as they look awkward. Stylish men’s belts should be perfect fitting and be of appropriate length.


Belts with large buckles are less formal and not perfect for official dressing or during professional networking seminars and related functions. Most belts have a gold or silver colored finishing. So if you want a nice belt, please buy the one with the right buckle size and a good finishing as well.

The other factors or aspects to consider when choosing your belt include color, labels and brand names. These are however not very vital as compared to the above factors.

Am sure you now know how to buy a beautiful belt that will match your styles and dressing. Follow this simple guide and you’ll get awesome men’s belts perfect for your trousers.