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How you can make yourself beautiful by
eye makeup

How you can make yourself beautiful by eye makeup

Eye Makeup can make your look extremely dramatic and natural. You can do that make up and can make your look special on a specific day and there are few people who use it always to look good. There are a lot of necessary techniques which you need to follow to do the makeup perfectly. It will improve the look of your peers and you will be more confident with yourself.

You should first use the cleanser before you go for the actual eye makeup. You can use the lotion or the plain water. You can also use the cotton swab. If you suffer from eczema or you have dry skin under your eyes you can use the moisturizer to make it soft. You can also use primer on the eye lids. You can use it up to the brow bone. Some women also use mascara or eyeliner.

If you have dark circles under your eye you can use cleanser to make it fade. You have to use your finger or the brush to blend the cleanser on your eye. You should also use flesh tone powder on the dark circle. With that you have to use powder on the eye lids also. It will be crucial to use the brush to blend it on your eye properly so that the powder can actually make the dark circles fade and can highlight your beautiful eye more.

Women also use eye shadow as an eye makeup. There are different colors which can be used as the eye shadow. However, there are some colors which will make your eyes look just the best. Using a medium color on your eyelid can be a perfect plan. In that case you can use middle pink, hue or the light brown color. In case of crease you must use dark color.  You have to start the makeup from the outer corner of your eyelid. Brown or violet can be used as the most perfect color in this case. However, this color should match with the colors that you have used in the beginning.

You can curl the eyelashes and it will look just fabulous. You have to do it with the clamp. The clamp has to be hold for five seconds. You should surely curl your eyes before using mascara. You must not use it after applying the mascara on your eye. Applying liquid eyeliner can be a very good option also. You should first go with the controlled strokes. Then if you see any gap you have to use the small strokes to make it perfect. It is also a crucial part of eye makeup.

With perfect eye makeup you will be able to make your eyes look just perfect for any party or occasion.