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Making your style statement with  mens suspenders

Making your style statement with  mens suspenders

Are they out of fashion?

Mens suspenders came out quite a long time back, primarily for the high-cut pants, for they required some support to be held in position. They originated over 300 years ago, and while that may prompt you to think of them as outdated, you can take our word for it that you will be wrong in doing so. However, if you are okay with giving up the belt to get a more trendy and stylish look, then suspenders are surely the way to go. Suspenders are not just for formal wear, but can be paired with almost any kind of fashion. In fact, silk suspenders, considered of the highest possible quality, are quite popular as ‘white collar wear’.

Tips for styling with mens suspenders

While Larry King may have been able to pull of mens suspenders with almost any attire, you should not be so adventurous and take care of a few things beforehand. If you are wearing suspenders with formals, then ensure that the leather of the suspenders is in match with your shoes colors. In shirts with buttons, these should only be attached to the buttons that are inside the waistband.

You can wear suspenders with pants that have belt loops as well, though this is not the most formal look, and can be tried in casual attire. You can use the simple rules of matching with mens suspenders, like adding in a texture or layer that matches or is in contrast with your shirt, pant or even your socks. Carrying off mens suspenders is not that hard with these few simple style tips followed at all times!