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Know more about the newest trends in
Korean makeup

Know more about the newest trends in Korean makeup

Korean models are dominating the fashion campaigns these days and the k-pop idols are a great rage among teenagers today. Korean makeup has become very popular in today’s world. Here are few of the latest trends in Korean makeup.

A glowing complexion is essential to get that fresh look. The Korean innovation – the air cushion is the ideal product for a flawless skin. An air cushion is a sponge that is soaked in foundation and is packed in an easy to use compact. It is useful for touch-ups also. If it has an added advantage of sunscreen, then it is even beneficial. It offers protection from harmful UV rays.

  • Straight eyebrows- several k-pop idols have this shape of eyebrow on top of the eyes. These brows look youthful and nice. You can get this eyebrow by using a brush. Cover the ends from the arch downwards with a thin layer of glue. Then allow it to dry. Now apply a concealer on the glue to cover the hair. Then blend concealer well.
  • The Aegyo Sal- eye bags are considered cute in Korea.  These are the fat pockets beneath the eye. If you don’t have it, you can fake it. These make the eyes look rounder and younger. However, do not confuse them with dark circles.
  • Puppy eyeliner- this is the puppy eye cleanser. It makes the eye look rounder. For getting this, you need to follow the slope of the eye downward. Rather than flicking upward.
  • Highlighter- if you want to look glowing and prominent. Use a highlighter along your cheekbones, under the brow bone and the bridge of the nose.
  • Orange blush- sweep it across your cheek.
  • Gradient lips- the cherry popsicle lips can be yours once again. Apply foundation over your lips. With brush to the center of the lips. And blend outwards.

Korean makeup tutorials are available online. These are colorful demonstrations. You will love how step by step the entire makeup process has been explained.  It is worth watching and learning from them. All the latest trends in the beauty world along with the products can be seen here. The models explain how to use each makeup product and suggest some treatments for certain skin ailments also.

You can get answers to your queries through the online chat sessions conducted by beauty experts. There are makeup tutorials for different occasions. Some are bridal day Korean make up tutorial, while others are Valentine Day tutorial and so on. Korean makeup is different from the makeup we see every day. You need to see it carefully to get the hang of it. Look beautiful with this make up in Korean style.