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An overview of asian wedding dresses

An overview of asian wedding dresses

The Asian region is rich in culture and traditions. There are more than 50 countries in Asia and all of them come from different life styles, customs, traditions and religions. Just like their lifestyle, Asian wedding dresses are very rich in their culture and are a true representation of their traditions and customs.

Asian wedding dresses belonging to some prominent Asian countries are discussed below.

Pakistani wedding dresses

Pakistan is very different from the rest of the world when it comes to customs and traditions. The typical wedding outfit in Pakistan comprises of different shades of red color. The most commonly worn bridal outfits include lehnga, peshwas, sari, gagra, choli, etc.

Indian wedding outfits

Just like Pakistan, red color is very popular in India as well when it comes to designing a wedding dress for a bride. Indian wedding outfits normally feature a lot of embroidery along with silver and golden work. Sari is known to be the most famous choice in indian wedding outfits.

Turkish wedding outfits

In turkey, bridal wedding outfits mostly comprise of a wedding gown or an exclusive kind of frock. The frock is embedded using coins made up of silver and gold.

Chinese wedding dresses

Red is a popular color is china. Therefore, it is also commonly seen in wedding dresses as well. The wedding dress commonly worn by Chinese brides is called Qi Pai.


Keeping in view different wedding outfits from different Asian countries, it might be concluded that red is the most favorite color choice in Asian wedding dresses.