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Red Hair Dye for Your New Look

Red Hair Dye for Your New Look

Hair dyes of different colors are of particular interest to many. For those who love to experiment with different hair colors, the quality, texture and longevity of the dyes matter a lot, as frequent use of low quality hair dye would cause the quality of the hair to decorate. Red hair dye is one of the most common hair dyes used by many people since it matches the skin tone and also doesn’t look too much over the top as well. So you can choose the most suitable shade of red for yourself from a number of variations.

Shades of Red Dye:

The first thing for you to consider before going all red is the shade of the color that you should be going for.  Even though red is a versatile color choice, it needs to be adjusted to the skin tone as well. Thus the shade of red should be darker for darker skin tones.

Red hair dye comes in different variants of colors and not all of them would go equally well on anyone. So it is important that you make a wise choice. And if a hair color goes wrong it can spoil the entire look. If you are ready, reds would actually give you many options to make your choice from, like Ginger, Copper, Purple Reds or Blue Reds. Imagine yourself in these shades and figure out which one of these you would be able to carry off the best.

Fading of the Red Hair Dye:

One of the problems with red hair dye is that it fades faster than any other hair color. Therefore it should be maintained with great care and attention. Using a shampoo that has been specially formulated for colored hair so that the color doesn’t fade away easily should be used religiously. Also if you color the hair more brightly then it takes time to fade away. Getting the color last longer on your hair needs patience as the red dye takes several applications before it finally begins to stick to your hair for a longer time.

About Coloring Your Hair Red:

Deciding to color your hair is great move, if you are confident about it. If you are not, you better take time to make the correct decision as it is better to look proper right from the start than fixing mistakes again and again. Do a good amount of research before you are game for it.

  • As red dye is more prone to fading, always use products that prevent it from getting washed off and lock the color in.
  • Also shampoos without chemicals prevent these dyes from fading faster.
  • Do not bleach your hair after coloring them.