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Things you should know about crochet

Things you should know about crochet shrug

Shrugs have always been in the fashion trend for as long as one can remember. It’s perfectly fitting small cropped jacket-like look gives a fine testament to the personality. It has effectively become a staple in every women’s wardrobe.

Crochet shrugs are perfect little attire to ward off any thin chills in the air. Just dress it over your cloth and you’re good to go against any potential chills in the weather. It acts as a perfect piece of garment to balance out the middle seasons, when it’s hot to wear a sweater and too cold to roam around in tees.

We’ll outline some of the styling tips to go with crochet shrugs. Follow the concourse.

  • Check on the length.
  • Crochet shrugs are a cropped kind of cardigan look-alike that covers the arms and the backs pretty well while ending below the breastbone on the front. You should style the shrug with the tank-top or tees that you’re going to wear on. They usually come in full lengths or the short sleeves ones. Look for the right length for a perfect match.
  • Look for contrasting features.
  • Crochet shrugs are best worn when they go in contrast with the rest of the attire. Look for a high-low contrast combination while wearing a crochet shrug. Pair your light colored ones with dark colored skirts or jeans and the dark colored shrugs with light and bright colored bottom-wear.
  • Decide on the variant
  • Crochet shrug comes in different variants like the drape around or the tie-off ones. You may opt for entirely different kind like the shawl shrug which comes with a larger wrap.