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Short hairstyle: In Vogue

Short hairstyle: In Vogue

Earlier hairdos for short hair weren’t that popular, as much as they are today. The women who had short hairstyle previously were called Tom-boy look. But now they have transformed into trendy, graceful and classic look. The main reason behind the popularity of this hairstyle is its low maintenance. You don’t have to spend hours to wash and condition in short hairstyles. On all above, they look much more trendy and elegant than traditional long hairstyles. In fact, most of the Hollywood celebrities today carry short hairstyles, which make them look trendy and gorgeous. Today, the fashion world is full of trendy short hairstyles that women can try according to her particular requirements.

Age doesn’t matter

Short style doesn’t look good on older women, they are only made for kids; is this myth still covering up your mind? Have a look on the hairstyles of older women celebrities; it would be more than enough to vanish your myth. Be it a kid, a young college going girl or an older women, short hairstyles just look amazing on everyone. Infact, because of its low maintenance these hairstyles are more preferred by older women.

Hairdos for short hairs

  • Pixie Is In: Pixie cut, have been one of the most popular haircuts for short hairs. Those bangs works better on the hairs which are little wavy and thick. Also, it works best on heart-shaped, square and oval face cuts.
  • Rihanna Cut: the cut involves lots of fringes and cuts. This cut alone is more than enough to change your entire personality. It suits best on slim faces. But keep in mind that this particular haircut requires little more maintenance than other short haircuts.
  • Demi-Bob: After doing few modifications, in the old bob, this new haircut is termed as Demi-bob. According to Vogue magazine, demi-bob is one of the hottest trends. This modification of bob, falls somewhere between mid-neck & shoulders. It works well on both wavy & straight hairs.

Maintenance: Low but necessary

  • When it’s about short hairs, you need to get them trimmed after every 3-4 weeks.
  • Use a mild and natural conditioner.
  • Comb your hairs only after drying them completely.
  • Have a healthy diet, to keep your hairs healthy.
  • You can also take natural hair-spa at home once in every month.

Short hairdos, makes your looks classic & elegant. It’s just that, you need to pick up the style which go with the flow of your hair texture and face cut. Also, to give trendier look to your short hairstyle, you can add hair dye to your hairs. Have a style which makes you look cute & blunt at the same time.