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Black Hair Styles Ideas That Will Take
Your Breath Away

Black Hair Styles Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Getting a new hairstyle or a new hair cut is an important step for everyone. There are some hairstyles that suit some complexions and some which suit others. The structure of the face is also an important factor to consider when you are picking out a new style for yourself. There are several options that you can choose from when you are picking out hair styles. The options base is a large one for people with a darker complexion. In addition to that, ever changing styles and trends have led to the emergence of edgy and bold cuts, which are always a source of envy. Thus, you can check out these black hairstyles and give yourself a new look this season.

Hair Styles For Curly, Low Hair For Women

If you are dark complexioned, it is likely that you have dark hair as well. However, there is no compulsion to be stuck with the hair that you are born with. Colors an cuts, you can look exactly as you want to. If you have curly, perm-y or low hair, then you can try a boyish cut, or shaved looks to keep the focus balanced on your face. The shaved sides and the blunt Mohawks and the textured afros are some of the most popular styles that have emerged lately, ands it bound to look good, if you have a sharp, angular face for it.

Taming Your Afro

When you are choosing from black hairstyles, it is inevitable that the Afro will figure into the equation. However, no matter how beautiful and exotic it is, a thick, bushy mass of hair that is unruly and unmanageable is not desired by many people. There are ways by which you can tame your curls, while at the same time maintain your Afro, unruly look, which is perhaps a signature style. Tight colors, colored tips, thick, close curls on shorthair, etc. are all ways by which you can make your hair look beautiful, while at the same time, keep the attention trained on the face as well. Textured Afros are also a great option, when you are trying to keep your look natural.

Edgy Look With Fohawks And Box Braids

If you are looking for new styles to try out, you have to look at some of the edgier, sharper, and funkier hair styles that have emerged. Theses styles that are nothing short of art, and perfectly suits the dark, short, elongated complexion and structure of dark skinned people. You can either pin up your hair to create a fohawk or you can even shave of your sides, and keep a huge mass of fro or curls down the middle for a more dramatic effect. The same is the case with box braid, which is always an exciting style, and suits almost everyone.