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Sweet and soft crochet amigurumi

Sweet and soft crochet amigurumi

The amigurumi toys are very soft to use for the kids. These patterns are available in various colors and designs. The looks of the amigurumi toys are so sweet that they can touch your heart by just touching the soft toy. You can make small pieces of the amigurumi toys and donate some of them to an orphanage where small kids live.

  • Rainbow Zebra amigurumi crochet pattern: This colorful pattern demands bright and variant colours’ yarn to make a full design. In this design, you can also use the remaining yarn of the other amigurumi toys. This Zebra has a big long mouth that makes it very funny.
  • Amigurumi small elephants crochet pattern: Crochet the amigurumi small elephants in the different colors and use these small pieces as toys for the kids. Do not forget to make small and equal trunks and tails of the elephants that kids can pull the each one and enjoy the toy.
  • Amigurumi crochet monsters: Some amigurumi crochet monsters are dangerous enough to scare your child. For this purpose, make some normal crochet amigurumi toys and add some additional effects like three eyes, big nose, long tail, cutting ears, and one leg toy to make it scary.
  • Easter bunnies’ amigurumi: The crochet Easter bunnies amigurumi are cute and white animal toys which look like similar to the rabbits. As these crochet bunnies are made with the white yarn, having the extreme softness, these Easter bunnies are most popular among the girls.