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The reason behind the great importance of
eyebrow makeup

The reason behind the great importance of eyebrow makeup

The eyebrows of a person are one of the most important parts of the face of the person. The eyebrows can be extremely expressive while portraying different types of emotions, the eyebrows generally draw the attention of an onlooker towards the eyes of a person. In other words the presence of proper eyebrows, adds a different dimension to a person’s face. If a person is very light or sparse in quantity then a person can very easily correct the nature of the brow by filling the brows. By the use of some basic eyebrow makeup techniques, a person can have really good looking eyebrows.

The most basic part of the eyebrow makeup is shaping up the eyebrow. One must firstly have a measure of the inner part of the eyebrow. A person must know the point which is the starting point of the eyebrow in order to start filling it in properly. In order to get a proper measure of the brows, a person needs to hold up a brush or pencil so that the ends of it is in alignment with the inner corner of the person’s eyes. The extension of the brush or the pencil is the point from where the brow should actually start.

After determining the point, a person needs to see if the hair is past the line, if it is so then the hair present is required to be removed. If the eyebrow of the person does not begin at the determined point, then it is required to be filled in lightly to create the best shape for the eyebrow makeup. After determining the starting point, one needs to find the end point of one’s brow. In order to do this one needs to hold up one end of the pencil or brush aligned with the edge of the nostril and the other end aligned with the outer corner of the eye.

After determining the end point and the starting point, one needs to create a certain kind of arch in the brow. The pencil or the brush is the tool by the use of which, a natural kind of arch can be found in the brow. The eyebrow makeup shows its complete effect after the shaping of the eyebrow as well as filling it up has been done in a perfect manner.

After shaping up the eyebrow, filler has to be used for the purpose of getting a proper eyebrow makeup. A brow pencil along with a brow powder and brow cream has to be applied with the help of a brush. The use of powders helps to create the perfectly natural look for the brows whereas the pencils give a better defined look to the brows.