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Tips for some easy crochet flower making

Tips for some easy crochet flower making

Crochet making seems to the most trending hobby among the hoi-poi of America right now. Easy to make it can decorate not only you but your house as well. Simple yet elegant, this Victorian modern art form has marvelled many by now. After you set your hands on some basic crochet art, start designing simple vest or a napkin. Similarly, you can create an easy crochet flower, to make a corner of your house special.  Here are some tips you can follow, to create a sweet little bunch of easy crochet flowers-

  1. Small and Sweet – While making crochet flowers aim to make a bunch of it and keep everyone small. Rotate your yarn color to soon be surrounded by a plethora of colourful flowers.
  2. Material – You don’t have to waste your money on merino or kekali wool, for making decorative items. Go ahead with any smooth thin yarn as you have to work on a relatively smaller scale.
  3. Types of flowers – Make a simple 5 petal flower with a nice round centre. This is the simplest design you can follow. To complicate it choose two colours with alternative petals. Or you can overlap to petal structure to create a nice 3D crochet flower. Get your ideas refreshed by looking at some types of real flowers and pick your own inspiration from them.
  4. Practise – Making basic flower patterns is very easy, infact the easiest but it is similarly very difficult to design and overlap multiple flowers. It can seems to be a little frustrating at the start but work your way around it and it gradually will fall into your hands .