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Choose from fashionable men haircut

Choose from fashionable men haircut styles

In the opinion of most people, all men have the same hairstyle and the only reason they look different, is because some decide to let it grow more than others. However, they could not be farther from the truth, because men, like women, too have a horde of complex haircuts and hairstyles that can be implemented. However, choosing men haircut styles are perhaps more complicated than choosing women’s haircuts and styles. This is because not every style suits every man. Age is also a factor when you are considering men hairstyles and haircuts. That is because there are some hairstyles which suit only those who have reached a certain age. Despite this minor factor that plays into the equation when you are choosing a new hairstyle, you still have a lot of options that you can try out.

Working the shaved look

Although men have always been characterized by ultra sleek hair, which is equal and uniform in all respects, the men of today have decided to change with the times. The most recent break from convention, in terms of men haircut styles is to work the shaved look, which might be complete or even partial. The partially shaved look does not necessarily mean a Mohawk. The style, where one side of the head is shaved, whereas the other side has a drastic side-swept bunch of hair is called the undercut, and can look ultra chic.

Styling uneven choppy hair

When you want to work the hipster look, without looking to casual in your workplace, then the best hairstyle to go with is the disconnected cut. It called so because there is no gradual progression from long hair to short hair. There is a drastic difference in length between the hair in the middle of your head, which is considerably long, and the hair that is on the sides, which is like stubble. Thus, the mid section is ‘disconnected’ from the middle.  You can back brush it when you are working, and at the same time, put it in a fashionable messy style or a side sweep when you are going out for a casual thing or a party.

Getting your style on point

Even after you have decided the haircut that you want to get, and the hair style that you think will suit your structure the best, you have to continue making frequent visits to the salon. Unlike women, men have to constantly work towards making their hair look perfect, and not unruly. Although women have to do this too, men have to take greater note of this because shaved heads, when not kept perfectly shaven, can look quite obnoxious. All that being said and done, you can have some of the most envious hairstyles and haircuts.