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Tips for using hair extensions before and

Tips for using hair extensions before and after

Has your hair become your best friend, since it is because of them you get the most attention? But has your best friend started waning of late? This is a clear sign that you need to protect your hair and care them considerably so that they stay with you in great thickness and health. Most ladies have to resort to solutions that can protect their hair. Hair extensions before and after are also used quite often to get the amazing looks. Hair extensions before and after are said to give you the best hair. Your hair looks thick and shiny. Hair extensions are good for you if you have thin hair. You can try them. However, you may be in confusion for using them. You will the taste of different length.

Buy a Hair Weft – It’s Cheaper

First step in terms of using hair extensions to enhance the beauty of your hair requires you to invest in a hair weft. Don’t worry. A hair weft is not an expensive one. It is cheaper. A hair weft is a section of hair – synthetic or real – that’s sewn together.  There are many brands that sell hair wefts. You can buy from any of them. They are available in different textures and sizes as well. You can buy them online as well. However, you have to keep your taste in mind before you buy a hair weft. Then you can take the weft to your tailor so that he could sew it with a few clips. It will fit your head.

Get to Teasing

Next step for hair extensions before and after is pretty simple. You can get the clip-in hair extensions as they are the easiest options. The clip-in hair extensions need you to place the clips right within your original hair. You have to tease your real hair right at the bottom to roughen it up a little so that the clips are easily placed. In order to tease your hair you can invest in teasing brush which is easy to buy and is cheaper. You can buy it online or in a store.

It is also good to tease the hair above where you will place the clip so that the extensions fit well. This will hide the extensions. There would be barely any difference between your hair and extension you have used to look gorgeous. This will keep you in limelight.

Put your hair extensions in and upside down

You can get the best out of your hair extensions with this cool tip. If you want to increase the volume of your hair, you can place the clip-in upside down against your hair roots. This makes the hair extension face in the right direction, thereby fluffing it up.

Also if you want to pull off the look, you can take the end of your teasing comb and divide your hair into a top and bottom layer. Then you should tease the spots near the roots where the clips will go and push the hair extension in.