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The Perfect Wedding Hair Updos your Big

The Perfect Wedding Hair Updos your Big Day

Today’s bridal hair trends have come a long way from their traditional beginnings, mostly due to celebrity weddings and their hairdos. The new age bride wants hair that has an elegant, yet relaxed feel to it, rather than the traditional, complicated finish. For those lucky girls who have manageable hair, they can wear their hair down and make an appropriate down do. And if you wear your hair up then you’ll have to find a subtle updo, to work with your dress.

So, for all those blushing brides who are looking to get that once in a lifetime perfect hair for your big day, here are a few tips to get your picture-perfect follicles.

Conditioning and Styling

Prepping your hair for your big day should be as important a task as anything else. In fact, if you really want it to work for you, you’ll have to start conditioning your hair at least 3-5 months before your wedding. So, if you’ve never splurged on a professional deep conditioning treatment before at a spa or at home, then now is the time!

The time you take to condition your hair can also be used to decide on the kind of style that you want to choose for your wedding day. This is something that’s best discussed with your stylist by having a comprehensive discussion with them. If you know exactly what you want, try taking some pictures to give your stylist a visual of what you want from them. Once you’ve decided on the cut and style of your hair, go in for a fitting consultation, where your will practice with your hair and also choose and try various hair accessories, so make sure to bring your own if you know what you want.

Then what about the dress?

As a thumb rule, just make your updo as comprehensive as your dress. So, the simpler the dress, the simpler the hairdo should be. And a loud dress should also be worn with an equally bold wedding dress. The whole point of this is so the two complement each other and should match. If you’ve already decided on an updo over a down do, then great. But, if you’re still confused between the two, just remember that your personality should be in that hairstyle. If you go for something too out of reach, you might end up losing your signature look. So, when designing your dress, make sure to account for your personality into the mix of the textures and fabrics.

Pre-wedding Check

Once your dress is ready and a month or two before your big day, try changing your hair color or the style of your hair in to the foundation of your updo so that the people around you can get used to your new look. Also, if you wear the updo all day, you’ll also know how well it holds