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Tops in vogue: bandeau tops

Tops in vogue: bandeau tops

Bandeau top is a simple top made up of a strip of a cloth material which is elastic and wraps around girl’s breasts. There can be a variety of available for this kind of cloth. It can be made up of cotton, viscose, nylon, etc. Some tops provide support that is sufficient enough to shape woman’s breasts while some give little or no support.


Bandeau tops are stretchable enough such that girls with sleek body as well as girls of healthier physique can fit in these tops. The material of this top is such that it is elastic enough to provide comfort and shape to every sort of girl who wishes to put on this trendy top.

Available in Various Versions

Some girls do not prefer bandeau tops which have lesser support. To give additional support, girls go for underwired versions of bandeau tops. These tops may also comprise built in cups or foam padding for required support to woman’s breasts. Large variety of these tops makes it possible for woman of every shape and size to carry such tops. These tops undoubtedly give exposure to the body but also look very stylish when worn.

In Vogue

In previous days, designers were not able to design such a cloth with a fear of its acceptance by the public. But now at recent times, these tops have acquired its space in fashion world and among common people such that girls and women go crazy for these tops. Bandeau tops are in vogue and are preferred by those who like comfort and stylish clothes to be worn.