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Very short hairstyles: Your trump card to

Very short hairstyles: Your trump card to glamour

Short hairstyles are a trend among modern women. Many women today have knocked off the old and stereotypical long hairs and have adopted short hairstyles. Short hairs add glamour and edge to your looks and instill self confidence in you. Talking about short hairs, the question that first arises is, how short? Well many women keep their hairs up to shoulder length, which is good, but nothing makes you as candid as very short hairstyles do.

Spike yourself up with short hairs:

Many of us agree that very short hairs add an edgy look and boldness to your charm. Short hairs have almost nil maintenance and can be dyed and modified according to your choice. You can spike them up to get a party outlook. To make it even more eye catching, you may dye it up with loud and vibrant colors like purple, blue, pink or any color you like.

And it takes almost no time to set them the way you want. A little speck of gel is all you want and you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror. Short hairs are easy to wash, maintain and carry. And no running the hands over your face to pull your hair back anymore. Moreover, you can decorate it with almost any flaunting accessory you wish. Unlike long hairs, your new hairstyle will not hide the ornament in itself.

Maintenance and Care:

While very short hairstyles are the easiest to maintain, still here are a few tips that will enhance your look. While putting pins on top of your hair, apply dry shampoo or sprays to increase the grip. To give a raw and beachy texture to your short hairs, create your own salt spray(by adding water to salt) and apply it to your hair. To get a more of a natural texture, don’t use a dryer and allow it to dry naturally. Also remember not to apply much pressure to the roots while washing your hair. Just these small things, and you need not worry about your hairs anymore.

Explore the numerous looks, styles and go trendy:

There are even more cool styles that you can try. You may comb them forward in Japanese fashion or for a very decent and cute look, you may wish to do a side partition and comb them up. This gives your hairs a very natural look.

The likes of Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Demi Moore have tried this hairstyle and so should you, if you are planning to. Get over the stereotype and go for it. Use it as a trump card to have an edge over others as it you standout among other contemporaries.