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Comfy shoes – different types

Comfy shoes – different types

Shoes are the most important for anyone for two simple reasons, it gives one the comfort while moving and completes one’s fashion statement. It’s important that one is comfortable in the shoes that they wearing to enjoy the comfort and prevent injuries. Shoe borne injuries are quite common in recent time. This is where comfy shoes play their role of providing one the maximum comfort and still allowing one to enjoy the movement. They are different for both men and women. Let’s have a look at the different comfy shoes for both the genders.

Sneakers – They find acceptance by both men and women. They are great for traveling around, especially when it involves a lot of walking. They were initially designed for sports but considering the overwhelming response they received from both the genders and from ages of all category, sneakers were later designed for different purposes. City walking have a balanced weight distribution, sports sneakers have more cushioning for the heel, and other similar variants.

Slip-ons – Slip-ons are again great for travelling but could be used only during summers or during rain. They are great in terms styling as they blend well with any kind of summer clothing. They are worn by people primarily when they are near the beach. They give great comfort to walk on the soft surfaces like sand and lawns. They are not suitable for city roads which are hard.

Sandals – Yet another comfy shoe which is more suitable for the summers are the sandals. This type of shoes are worn primarily in the tropical regions where they are used on a daily basis. They are great in weight distribution and provide perfect balance for one. They are perfect for long walks.