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What to wear with big handbags

What to wear with big handbags

One day you say to yourself, I will proudly flaunt around a modern and new fashion style. Every lady tells that to herself, do not you? Well here is your one big chance. Big handbags were and are a huge fashion hit. The trend started a few years back and everyone was scrabbling to get a few big handbags before the excitement died out. Now is your chance to grab one of those big handbags and add as many as you want to your closet. Below is a list of outfits you can wear with big handbags:


A big handbag will look great with an outfit compromising of skinny jeans and a top tucked in to your bottoms. A big coverall is optional

A Dress

An elegant and body fitting dress that reaches to the end of your knees is a great option to match with a big handbag. The choice to wear heels or not is entirely yours.


These are very stylish and look just as trendy and sexy as a big handbag. You can choose to put on an overall to cover your shoulders but that is of course optional as always.

X Large Shirts

Most of you already know what those are and they also sometimes look incredibly cute and smart on women. You can don on one of those and partner it with a big handbag, they outlook will be looking very casual, cool and trendy.

Those are just examples and ones that are very important for you to keep in mind if you want to really pull off the big handbag look.