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Ideas on how to wear your knitted cape

Ideas on how to wear your knitted cape

Knitted capes of various designs and color can suit many different styles. Capes are truly a classic and every woman should at least have one in their wardrobe. It adds elegance and timeless beauty to your outfits. They offer warmth on those fall days and are thus suitable for evening wear. Depending on the design of your knitted cape, here are a few tips on how to wear one.

  • Go Black. An elbow – short black cape matched with a black evening dress gives you a truly classic 60s look that never goes out of fashion. You can then accessorize your look with complementary silver jewelry or even a great hat. This look is perfect for an evening wear to a date.
  • Go for a blazer style knitted cape. This one works great with your regular jeans and t-shirt wear. You can still wear this with your shorts and t-shirt. The key is to get the design right, as well as the colors. It can still look great on skirts and dresses too.
  • Add statement jewelry to your cape for a more glamorous look. You will look just like you are straight out of a fashion magazine. The cape, especially the knitted type, looks really great with statement jewelry.
  • Layer your patterned outfits with a brightly colored knitted cape. The cape should however be of only one color to achieve a good and well layered look.
  • During those warm fall days, it is stylish to wear a jumpsuit with a knitted cape over it. Just be sure to get the colors right.