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What you should wear with your navy blue shoes

What you should wear with your navy blue shoes

Navy blue shoes are one of the most versatile shoes you can have. In fact, if you do not want to stock a particular pair for particular function or matching with certain clothes, then your perfect choice should be those that can go with as many clothes as possible in your wardrobe. Though you can wear this type of shoes with a wide variety of clothes, here are the best ones.

Official Trouser

You no doubt have those trousers you wear when attending official functions and events. If you want a stylish and smart look, match or complement the trousers with navy blue shoes. However, note that no rule restricts you to wearing them with specific shoes. All you need is creativity and ability to come up with styles that will make you look smart and stylish. You can get inspiration and ideas from shoes blogs and sites to find the best way to match them with clothes.

White Shirt

A white shirt always reigns supreme when worn with navy blue shoes and probably a black no matter what. Another option would be a light colored button-up shirt that matches or complements the trousers and shoes. With such style, you can rest assured that you’re appearance will be a perfect one that everyone will admire. Do not choose any outfit. Select those that give you the smartest look.

You are free to come up with own ways of combining or matching your shoes and clothes. You’ll no doubt look smart.