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A few amazing short hairstyles with bangs

A few amazing short hairstyles with bangs

Bangs are a great look for the face since they bring out the best of a woman’s beauty. Bangs highlight the most attractive features, and at the same times helps hide minor imperfections and even distracts from freckles! And by being the easy method to look young, many women are switching to bangs, even those considering botox! And there isn’t just one kind of bang, which is pretty surprising since they would all look the same to the untrained eye. So, let’s take a look at the different kinds of bangs that you could use to style you self with.

Eye Framing Bangs

This is a very symmetrically rounded bang that is moulded to go along with the face. These bangs start from the beginning of the cheek bones, which creates a highly dramatic bow-shaped face, similar to a rainbow. It is best suited for those with square shaped and long faces, with thick hair.

Razor Chopped Blunt Bangs

This long, straight, geometric, bang is classy as it goes in line with the eyes. So, almost any face shape could sport this blunt bang. That being said, it looks best on long & round, or heart shaped faces. This bang works best on those with thin, straight hair.

Mid Length Rounded Bangs

These bangs are heavily a rounded, and geometrically blunt. These kinds of bangs also give the face a very dramatic frame. Looks best on long or square face-shaped people, with thick hair. The rounded shape of the bang softens the harder features of your face. It can also be used to get the opposite effect, that is, dramatizes the look if women with softer features.

Straight Soft Bangs

These bangs are very similar to the chopped bang, but lend a softer touch. It’s best suited for heart-shaped, or long and oval faces with thin straight hair. And, in the event where the hair tends split they can just be pushed off to the side they’re falling to. You should let the hair go where it wants because it’s almost impossible to fight the natural growth pattern.

Straight Blunt Bangs

This is an extremely heavy and straight, blunt bang that ends at the eyebrows. Quite a nice look, which goes best on oval, round and even heart shaped faces with thick and straight hair.

Heavy Rounded Framing Bangs

These are long, heavy, rounded bangs that almost completely cover the brows and touch the eyes. Such a look can be very sexy and dramatic because they really frame the face well and also complement the eyes, cheeks, and lips. These bangs look best on long or oval faces because they’re a great way to cover large foreheads as well as shorten the look of a long face.