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Unique and latest hair styles for men

Unique and latest hair styles for men

Today in the present scenario of time, men are acquiring hair styles in they get a little boy type of look while on the other hand boys are trying to get the look in which can look a little manly. There are thousands of hairstyles which are now present in the market, according to the trends and styles started by celebrities and sports players. Men today are trying to project their casual hair style looks as classy and also sporty. From side parting to side trimming and shaving, there many other cool looks which are in the trend and fashion in present time and according to the respective taste, men are acquiring them. Some of the latest hair styles for men are –

  • Old and classic side parting – this is a very simple hair cut in which the parting is done on either side of the head and also the length of the hair is kept medium. This type of hairstyle is for those who want to look elegant, classy and aesthetic. One can also use finishing products like gels and hair wax to give it a glossier look.
  • Spiked hair cuts for passionate men – the length of the hair is kept very short and then the hair is trimmed in such a way that they tend to stay still in vertical direction and it gives a very sporty look. Mostly sportsmen and athletes like to acquire this look. The sides and the back side of the head can also be kept short or even trimmed and shaved, according to the preference.
  • Messy haircuts – This messy hairstyle is for those men who likes to arrange their hair with their finger after coming out of the shower and likes to cover their ears with the hair and these are slightly longer hair and requires a hair dryer to kill all the moisture of the hair. This is one of the best hairstyles for men and also it doesn’t look good for the men who have a very short forehead as it will make them look needy so it is obviously for the men which a large forehead.
  • Mohawk special – Mohawk haircuts is for those who love to do experiment with their hair are not afraid of taking risks. This is one of the most risky hair styles and on the other hand it is the most alluring and attractive hair style. The hair are trimmed or shaved on the back and sides above the ears and a single line of hair which are in the form of spikes is left behind and it starts from the start and it ends till the end of the head or up to starting of neck.