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Choose The Best Blonde Hair Dye With

Choose The Best Blonde Hair Dye With Confidence

Every era has an iconic blonde and that has set the standards for the choice of blondes hair colours amongst the women. It is one of the gorgeous hair colours for any woman to flaunt. But for choosing the best blonde hair dye for your hair you would need to bring a lot of things into consideration. It is a type of hair colour which might not suite every skin tone. It is though true for every shade of hair colour, it is particularly of more importance for shades of blonde hair colours. And if it suits you well, nobody can stop you from turning heads around.

Blonde hair colour is best suited for lighter skin tone as it is a light colour itself and would not be too much conspicuous as well. You can find many flattering shades of blondes in the market for you to choose from. You can go for platinum blonde or purely golden blonde depending on your skin tone. Many prefer to dye hair blonde by using bleach, but bleaching might cause the hair to dry up excessively and cause serious damage to the hair. Thus for the best blonde hair dye you should go for products that contain no ammonia.

Blond Hair Colour According To Skin tone:

There are different variants of the hair colour and they should be chosen wisely. Whether you want to colour the hair or you are looking to just highlight your tresses, you have to keep one thing on mind and that is you should never go beyond two shades lighter or darker than the original colour of the hair, as going beyond this level would make you appear fake or overdone.

Shades of Blonde For Lighter Skin Tone: If you have light skin tone then you can go for golden, strawberry or any lighter shade of the colour. But avoid going for whiter shades as the complexion is already light.

Shades Of Blonde For Medium Skin Tone: If you have a medium skin tone you can go for warmer tones as they would look beautiful on you. Thus a light blonde or a golden blonde or even for that matter a beige blonde looks perfect on medium skin tones.

Maintain Your Blondes:

  • Make sure you colour them thoroughly and it is intense during the first few weeks. It would slowly take the original colour and would also take time to fade away.
  • Use mild shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair. It would be even better if you use products that are specially meant for coloured hair.
  • Do not shampoo your hair right before dyeing. Shampoo it if required atleast 24 hours before you dye for better results.