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All about entrelac crochet

All about entrelac crochet

A very uncommon crochet form that creates a beautiful diamond pattern in your knitting work is the entrelac crochet. This form of crochet was basically used for knitting purposes but you can also make it using a crochet hook instead of using the knitting needles by having some basic knowledge of the Tunsian crochet stitches. You can go through a tutorial explaining a simple entrelac crochet to learn how to make a colourful and unique pattern.

Entrelac crochet is a method in which you create a project using beautiful patterns or rows of diamonds. This will look stunning on anything whether it is a blanket or bag or potholders. The pattern is fun to make and the colours used in this pattern are unlimited which makes the crocheters get addicted to this technique. You can make a stunning and elegant piece of crochet either by making a simple design involving two colours or by using new colours for each row to make it look eye-catchy and fun.

You can begin making this pattern with one row of diamonds in one colour of your choice after which you will work on the second row with a new colour in between the diamonds of the first row. This pattern must be repeated until you complete the project unless you are making a blanket or a potholder.

Beautiful textured patterns of diamonds are created using this unique technique of entrelac knitting.  You can make a fiber look like strips of woven basket and hence it this technique is a very interesting one.