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Steal the limelight with a black tuxedo

Steal the limelight with a black tuxedo

A wedding most important occasion of bride and groom’s life. On this day, even the groom wants to look the best he knows the bride grabs all attention on the day. If you are getting married in a few days and confused what to wear on your special day to look perfect , go blindly for a black tuxedo which is perfect for anybody time and will steal the limelight. A black tuxedo is suitable for other type of occasions too, like prom nights or a friend’s wedding or if you are going to attend any award night or parties.

You can experiment with various accessories to change your looks for different occasions. Experiment with your looks according to the traditional or modern occasion:

  • If you are going to attend an afternoon event a black tuxedo is perfect .Choose a single breasted jacket without any coattails. You can also experiment with a tuxedo vest and tie to get up a formal style look.
  • If you want to dress up according to the latest contempt fashion trends you can wear a cutaway coordinated with a perfect trouser and a black colored tuxedo.
  • If you are attending a night function wear a black tuxedo with a pure cotton shirt with turned down collar.
  • Choose Single breasted clack tuxedo if your body type is slim and height is short .If you have a sporty body type choose a shawl collar tuxedo. Slim and tall man can choose any type of tuxedo.

Make it sure that the fitting of your tuxedo is best otherwise it will not enhance your looks ad personality for which it is designed. Tuxedo is the most favorite clothing for men for any type of occasion. A Tuxedo is a considered as formal and semi formal dress for man where trousers and coats need to be well coordinated with each other to get a perfect look. The fitting should be perfect with correct length of pant and appropriate length of the sleeves of the coat. Black is a widely acceptable color across the globe and is also easily available in the market in various styles and patterns in it. It will help you in getting a sophisticated look in any type of social gathering.

Tuxedo suits fabric should be of fine quality usually suits are made up of wool or polyester.These suits are available in various styles like single breasted to double breasted suits which can be uniquely coordinated with various types of accessories available in the market. You can buy a suit from a branded store available in the market or even can check on the various online stores to get it on attractive prices.