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An overview of ankle strap flats

An overview of ankle strap flats

Ankle strap flats are available in a variety of different types, styles, designs and sizes in the market. You can choose from the ones with thick or thin straps, multiple or single straps, or from the ones with a flat heel to the ones with heels as high as 6 inches. All the different types of such shoes are elegant and classy but they have the ability to portray your legs a bit shorter than they actually are. That’s the reason why such types of shoes look nice on taller women. If you have a petite height, wearing ankle strap flats might not be a good choice for you. A few different styles of such type of shoes are discussed below in order to give you a basic understanding.

Bulky cage heels

Shoes that feature bulky cage heels come with a thick strap. Such style is recommended to wear with minis or short pants that reveal your legs.

Gladiator inspired flats

These shoes have multiple straps and that’s the reason why they are not recommended to be worn by shorter women as the straps cover up a lot of your feet and legs that makes the wearer look shorter.

Ankle shoes with thin straps

Ankle strap flats with thin straps are known to create an illusion featuring chopped leg at your ankle. Such type of shoes is ideal to wear with rolled or cropped pants falling just below your calf or just above your ankle.