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Going casual or official with high waist shorts

Going casual or official with high waist shorts

High waist shorts are the trending clothing for hottest trends on fashion. They are best suitable for summers but can also be worn with other combinations for cold weather. The resulting design that these shorts portray is not only adorable, but they can make one appear more figurative and slender. They give an impressive illusion for those looking after something to make them appear slimmer.  The following are sleekest designs to wear these shorts for casual or official look.

Getting the casual look

Wearing high waist shorts with a crop top is a cute way of showing a bit of the skin. The good thing with this design is that, just a little bit of skin is exposed and hence you won’t be getting to levels of feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, crop tops don’t cover the upper part of your shorts so as to expose the cute design.

Going official

It is possible to wear them for a day in the office, probably if you weren’t aware. For instance, a pair of lavender wool-crepe shorts are tailored elegantly to make a perfect official wear. As a matter of fact, this particular short is a smart choice for a day at the office as well as an excellent off-duty choice. It has a waistband that is fit, turned up cuffs and zip fastening that is concealed. For a perfect office attire, they match well with silky black blouse aired with patent pumps.

With these shorts, there’s no limit to the extent of designs you can come up with. They offer a wide range of designs to suit different other desired looks.