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Quick dry summer cargo shorts for men

Quick dry summer cargo shorts for men

Quick dry summer shorts are the wears for men that are very much comfortable during summer. There are varieties of quick dry summer cargo shorts such as khaki shorts, simply designed beach wear jet stream board shorts, twill cargo shorts, custom shorts printed breathable cargo shorts, swimming shorts, cargo shorts with cotton tape, Bermuda cargo, new summer 2015 pleated sweet leisure colour matching shorts, free army design men’s knees’ length cargo sportsmen’s squad cargo pants etc. All the above wears are 100%cotton and are comfortable to wear. Some other materials are also used in these wears. These are also very easy to wear and relaxing. It gives a comfortable feeling. These are easily available all over the world but these are found mainly in U.s.a., Canada, Russia, Europe, UK, Australia. In one word we may say that these places are somewhat famous for these outfits.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants or cargo trousers, also sometimes called as combat trousers after their original military purpose, are loosely cut pants originally designed for tough, outdoor activities and whose design is distinguished by one or more cargo pockets. Cargo pants have become popular in urban areas as well since they are suitable for carrying items for day trips on foot. A cargo pocket is a form of patch pocket often with accordion folds for increased capacity closed with flap secured by snap, button, magnet or Velcro common on battle dress and hunting clothing. In some designs cargo pockets may be hidden within the legs.

Cargo pants are made of hard wearing fabric and ruggedly stitched. Increasingly they are made of quick-drying synthetic or cotton-synthetic blends and often feature oversized belt loops to accommodate wide webbing belts. The garments are characteristically designed to allow bending at the knee and hip and are sewn with felled seams for strength and durability. These are also available everywhere and are durable wearable’s.


Cargo shorts are cargo pants shortened at the knee. Some cargo pants are made with removable lower legs allowing conversion into shorts.

Emt pants are cargo pants which have 6-way cargo/scissor on one or both legs each with a hidden zippered pocket, a bellowed flap pocket with increased carrying capacity, Besom pockets on calves for glove storage and three slots for scissor.

Views about cargo shorts

  1. Tighter, shorter shorts will actually make your legs look bigger, whereas swamping them in cargo shorts will make them look smaller.
  2. Pockets are great, and I totally agree that some shorts these days have pockets that are way too small, and therefore lose their functionality. To me, cargo shorts are on the other end of that spectrum. If you really need eight large pockets to fit your things in, you probably should invest in a small backpack or day pack. It’s more comfortable, and less awkward looking.
  3. The pockets extend outward from the leg, and look bad. You wouldn’t want to wear a jacket with lumps everywhere, otherwise your body would look strange and irregular. Cargo shorts do the same thing to your legs.