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Be the centre of attraction with fancy
bridal hairstyles

Be the centre of attraction with fancy bridal hairstyles

The word bride, in itself, is an accurate measurement of beauty and style. For a bride selecting each and everything from wedding gownsto make up set is a big headache, as bride always tends to look gorgeous and attractive on their special day. Hairstyle is a main feature that no bride wants to miss.

Now it is time to spend a few minutes looking through these bridal hairstyles:

Twisted crowned Bun:

Twist all the hairs together and secure them with glossy bobby pins. This reflects a traditional bridal hairstyle and usually goes with every facial shape. For an extra spicy look you can decorate it with multicolour flowers.

Layered Waves with Puffy top:

Make a really high, but loose puff. And let the remaining locks flow in the air. This gives a perfect bridal look, and make you feel awesome, when lose locks touch your smooth cheeks.

Middle parted Curls with great Volume:

This reflects simple yet graceful personality. Comb your hairs on either side of scale and make a centre part, curl the edge and let the volume tresses embrace your face.

Updo with twist and turns:

This makes you highlight in your royal wedding.  With tidy and clean look, this do created by twisting and turning of tresses. This hairdo is attractive enough to bring the world beneath your feet.

Intense layered curls:

This hairstyle looks sexy with stunning Indian bridal dresses as well as for western culture. Curl your hairs from top to bottom, divide your scalp in two, and let the layered locks touch your beautiful back.

Textured curls with fringe:

Curls and texture always walk hand in hand. Texture you hair in any hue, roll the hairs in spiral curls, and put them on one side. Here are you, ready to rock the wedding evening.

Messy rolled Bun with Voluminous Top:

Feel the spark in you and style up yourself in this hairstyle. Lose roll on the neck with messy puff,gives anIndian bride a perfect and complete look.

Really tight Bun with braid wrap:

Bridal hairstyles also include the one. Its combination of really high crowned bun with braid around it. Team up this do with big earrings and jazz up your style.

Layered Puff with curly loose Ponytail:

Voluminous top with curly hairs are enough to drop a jaw. This bridal hairstyle is especially designed for long tresses. Make a loose ponytail in twisted and turned style, and grab the sleek and spectacular look.

Messy front fringe with fluff:

Here is one of the best Indian wedding look. Few fringe with messy finishing touch and a crowned twisted bun, goes with all sorts of Indian bridal outfit.