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Flaunt Your New Hair Color

Flaunt Your New Hair Color

Hair colours make a lot of difference to the way you look and present yourself to the world. It has been maintaining its place in the latest fashion trends ever since it made its first fashion statement. Hair colours are still a fascination with many top notch celebrities and they carry off the bold colours pretty well. You might not want to go pink permanently but hair colour comes with a large number of enticing options to choose from. If you have light coloured hair you may want to try the reds or the browns for your hair.

There are many hair colours that use bleach to colour the hair and such type of hair colour might not be a safe option for the health of the hair. And if you are a first timer then you must choose the product carefully and carry out an allergy test just to check if you have allergy to any of the chemical content. Your new hair color would definitely take everyone by surprise, in a good way or bad, depends on the colour choice.

How To Choose The Right Hair Color:

Choosing the right hair colour would feel like the toughest job and it indeed is the most difficult part in the entire process. A number of aspects of your looks are required to be considered while choosing a hair colour, and of these the skin tone is the most important. If you have a darker skin tone then the colour choices should essentially stick to the darker shades and for lighter skin tone you can opt for the lighter and brighter shades quite comfortably. The colour of the eye also plays an important role in the selection of the hair colour and for that matter the shade of the hair colour must be in the same tone as that of the eye hue.

How To Make Hair Colour Last Longer:

Your new hair color might not remain the same as it grows older day by day. Fading of hair colours is normal even with the permanent hair dyes. But with proper care and attention you can make them last longer than usual.

Hair Dyes love oils and thus deep conditioning the hair a few before you dye would help the colour to bind with the hair in a stronger way. Also by using shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for the coloured hair you can prevent it from getting washed off.

Tips Before Colouring Your Hair:    

Wash your hair one or two days before colouring. Wear gloves to protect the hands from getting stained with the dye. Apply petroleum jelly or oil on ears, neck and forehead before you start.