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Hair styles that will work this season

Hair styles that will work this season

A prefect dress only leaves a lasting impression if your hair is done to perfection. It’s one of those combinations that have to be in sync to make a fashion statement. And hair styling is an art that handful stylists have mastery on. But there is always a way to learn these styling tips and spruce up your looks for any occasion or outing.

Don’t get confused with hair styling with a hair cut

A hair cut would mean going to a palour and getting a new look all together. Hair styling is like painting, where a blank canvas like your hair are rolled or fashioned to give a chic or a sexy to seductive look. This calls for a lot of attention and patience.

Here are some of the styles that would be ‘in-vogue’:

Every classic low or high or large bun

It’s a style that never goes out of fashion. A bun rolled high or low and tucked with pins is one of the quickest and easiest hair styles that everyone can do. This style goes well with floor touching to balloon gowns as well as with formal wears.  Wear it with confidence and accept those compliments with a gracious smile. A bun accentuates the woman in you.

Undone hairdo

A little messy with hair strands falling on your face, gives that sexy yet vulnerable look. All you need is tie a knot affixing it with a ponytail and few strands rolled unevenly and tucked with pins on the base. Run a blower and there you are ready for the eve. Many celebrities making red carpet appearances are seen wearing this style with their off-shoulder gowns or miniskirts. Try this to stand out of the crowd.

Bubble styled braids

Want to look stickling different with a dash of intellect. Here’s a style straight from the ramp, models often seen wearing this style to give fashionable twist to the attire. Start by making a simple ponytail and then wrap a rubber band in equal intervals keeping the edge straight. But the end you will have series of bubbles. One can opt for this unique and refreshing style while opting to dress in a skirt or a long frock. People sure will turn and take notice of the bubbles for sure.

Curls and waves to pigtails and ponytails.

If you love to flaunt your straight hair with a dash of curls or waves, then put on those curling rolls and blow dry the hair. Undo the curl rolls and there it is curls or waves hair all set to go well with a sexy evening gown or cocktail dress. Invoke the seductress in you and let the heart beat fast of those admirers.

A pigtail or a ponytail is always a smart choice to make with any western or casual attire.

Tip to use:

Use hair accessories like a clips, pins or bands to highlight your style. Wear them with a creative style so that you look all set to turn the attention on your side.