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Best Crochet Towel Topper Patterns

Best Crochet Towel Topper Patterns

Towel toppers are great accessories that have two functions. First of all, they help the towels always be in place. You don’t have to worry that kids or pets will throw them down. Secondly, towel toppers may be a nice décor element. As you may have noticed, the coziness is created by small things: the right fabrics, interesting lighting fixtures, beautiful pictures, etc. If you use crochet towel topper, you’ll get the romantic and vintage look.

There are many ways to get a towel topper. First of all, you may buy them online or in the shop. There are hundreds of designs, colors, and sizes. You won’t find it difficult to choose a perfect crochet towel topper. If you want to buy the best topper, try to choose one that will look nice in your kitchen. Analyze the interior. What colors do you use? What are the main colors of the fabrics? What colors do you think will look nice in the kitchen? Try to use pale or beige tones.

However, if you enjoy DIY, you may make the toppers yourself. Here is the list of the most popular patterns: Angel Towel Holder, Basket Weave Towel Topper, Couble Layer Towel Topper, Froggie Magnet Topper, No-sew Crocheted towel Topper, V-Stitch Towel Hanger, Venetian Leaf Towel Topper. You may find all these patterns on the Internet. Before starting to crochet, you should buy the right materials. Choose the yarn of a high quality. This will save you a lot of time and money.