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Hairdo: Do It Yourself

Hairdo: Do It Yourself

A sexy hairdo is a necessity of every woman. It’s more than enough to bring a huge transformation in your outlook & personality. Whenever we think about a hairstyle, the first thing which strikes our mind is an appointment in salon. Although, many times we miss some occasion because our budget doesn’t allow us to spend so much on a salon.  But now there’s no need for such compromise. Now, you can make your favorite hairstyle at home only and save a lot of your money.

The style which suits you best

After washing your hairs the next step is to choose a style which suits best on your personality. While selecting the HAIRDO, which you are going to carry for this occasion, you need to keep certain things in mind. One of such thing is your face cut and other face features. Apart from it you also need to focus on what dress you are going to carry and for which occasion; as hairstyles are always different for personal, professional and casual occasion.

Have a wash

Once you have selected the hairstyle. The next step towards getting a sexy hairstyle is to wash your hairs. Even if you have washed them on regular basis as daily pollution & dirt get stucked in your hairs even in a single day. After washing them thoroughly with shampoo, apply conditioner. If you have massage able conditioner than massage it well for 4-5 minutes. Then wash out the conditioner with plenty of water. Otherwise, it would stay back in your hairs.

Start the styling

Ofcourse a women’s cupboard is incomplete without straightening machines, curling rods, and blow dryers. All these hair equipments are essential for any styling. Be it loose curls or maggi curls, straight hairs or a mixture of both, these equipments can give you all. Once you have selected your hairstyle, start making it. These days, the styles which are in vogue are messy curl & messy bun. So, if you have never tried it out, then you must give it a try.

Finishing touch

Once you are done with making the style, you can see your gorgeous hairdo in mirror. Now, comes the time to give a final touch-up to your sexy hairdo. If you have any hair accessories, then you can make your hair style look much more attractive & trendy. Like some clips or an old jewel piece would best serve this purpose. After that comes the time, to put a strong hair spray; this would allow your hairstyle to stay as it is, for longer duration.

Make your favorite hairstyle by yourself and rock the stage.