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Best makeup tips to use

Best makeup tips to use

Who does not want to look like a million dollar babe? A classy attrite, elegant jewellery and lovely pair of heels are sure to make one look smashing good looking. But the one thing that rules the look book is a perfectly done makeup. And buoy it is a challenge to achieve best makeup for one’s face. It’s a craft one needs a certain expertise in.

Getting best makeup is a tough task but one does not have to rush to a parlour to get done. With a little reading and researching on the internet it is easy to get some handy tips and tricks to form best makeup style. This is also a nice way to keep abreast of the changing fashion and styles. Be informed but don’t be a fool to follow a trend. What works on one face might not look good on another.

A quick check before getting started:

  • Take a closer look at the type of face
  • Know the skin texture
  • Determine the occasion
  • See the brand that best suits skin tone
  • Match it with the attrite and accessories
  • Do a raw run to see if the selected style works well

Facial skin is one of the most delicate parts of the face and one should be careful before putting on any make. It’s best to spend some time to understand basic stuff, gain some knowledge and then start working towards getting best makeup. Patience pays we all know.

How to get started?

To get started first step is to apply foundation covering all the scars or patches under eye and cheeks with a branded cream. Before buying a foundation cream or powder ask the person on the counter which one will go well with your skin tone and type.

Use a concealer if needed to cover up strong spots or marks on face. Avoid using on eyelids.

Once the foundation dries up, start from eye makeup. Use a pencil to shape and sharpen your eyebrows. Work your way towards the upper brow to get a defined look. Follow it up with an eyeliner and mascara. Eyes are what catch’s attention first so spend time in getting best makeup for them.

Then it’s time to get some luscious lips to heighten the facial features. Depending on the occasion select from the shades. Start with a nice lip liner to get perfectly shaped lips and then apply lipstick covering the corners. Once done apply a nice lip gel to add a little shine to the face.

Most important and challenging part is to do up the cheeks and chin. Just brush up a little with shade that matches the dress and lipstick to give final finish to best makeup.