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The beautiful and elegant French braid

The beautiful and elegant French braid hairstyles

The braids have recently become a big phenomenon. This is considering the fact that movies and series are making a big deal out of complicated braids. You has the frozen look, the Game of Thrones look and even the Vikings look. The stylists for these series are making some of the worlds most complicated braids to give the actors a unique look. This is where the braid is making a comeback. Most of the braids that you see these days are a combination of the French braid styles. They make changed to the normal French braid and make them prettier.

Let us look at some of the beautiful braids

The two strand twist

This is one hairstyle which you can do and make it last for a week at least. This is not exactly dread locks and is much simpler. To make it so that it doesn’t look dirty you need to make the twist smaller. Don’t use products which make the hair oily, it would otherwise started looking dirty.

Box braids

This is something of a African American specialty. The use of this braid also needs the help of some hair extensions. This of course takes a long time to do and needs a stylist to do this type of a style. Make sure you find the right stylist as a good stylist would be able to make sure that this style lasts you for quite a few days.

French Braid hairstyles for short hair

This is the style for people who have extremely short hair. This can be done in sections on the hair. This is also an amazing way of providing some of the cutest of the hairstyles. The most popular ones for short hair is the horizontal braid. This is where the braid is done from ear to ear. This is best for a chin length bob.

The classic French braid

This is one of the classic French braid hairstyles. This is one of the classic and elegant hairstyle which you can try. It may be hard at first; however we have seen that people are easily able to manage the same in a few days.

The herringbone braid

This is a hairstyle which is meant for the long locks. It can be worn for special occasions and can also be worn every day. This is a more complex hairstyle than the French braid, however women have been known to pick up this style quite easily.

We have now looked at some of the different braids that are quite famous and can be used on different lengths of hair. However the most important part here is that you should try these styles before actually wearing them on a special occasion.