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Blonde hairstyles:  Are they ever going to fade away?

Blonde hairstyles:  Are they ever going to fade away?

Are you one of those women who is totally fascinated by the blonde look on a celebrity or on a friend who has recently gone blonde, and you are wondering if you should go blonde too? Don’t worry, those thoughts aren’t very unusual because blonde hair does add an oomph factor to your overall personality and it definitely makes heads turn.

You might have also heard the age old saying that ‘blondes tend to have more fun’! Well, not sure about where that came from, but whether or not it’s true, the simple fact is that if you can find the right shade of blonde to go with your personality, nothing can stop you from looking stunning!

The different blonde shades:

Many hairstyle gurus have been reiterating time and again that there is a blonde shade for every woman that will compliment her skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour!  The key thing is to find the right one for yourself, because the shade can either make or break your entire look. It’s always a good idea to find an experienced hairstylist who knows what he is doing because going blonde comes with its own set of risks. Few common blonde shades are baby blonde, blush blonde, rose gold or dark blonde, buttery blonde, sandy blonde, platinum and ash blonde. However, combinations of various shades that work well can be used to give your hair an edgy and textured look.

Short& long blonde hairstyles:

Blonde looks gorgeous on both long and short hair-dos.

Some short hairstyles that work really well are – Cute or crazy curls, the pretty pixie cut, straight bob or layered bob with some blunt bangs or baby fringes, the spiked up look, the staggeringly feathered look and the asymmetric cut.

Long blonde styles that look nice are – boho waves, straight and satiny, the layered look, blunt or side swept bangs and fishtail braid.

Honestly, the list of hairstyles for blonde hair can be endless, you just need to decide what length (literally!) you are willing to go to.

Upkeep of blonde hair:

Going blonde does not come easy and needs some maintenance routines to be followed diligently. Not to scare you, but knowing the facts are quite important before you jump into something that will change your entire look for quite some time.

This is not one of those DIY at home things. Seeking professional help is a better way to go. Bleaching has some hair damaging risks, which need to be taken care of by regular use of right kind of conditioner that suits your hair.

You need to be truly committed to maintain those gorgeous blonde locks by making regular trips to the salon for touch-ups etc. so that they continue to do complete justice to the reason why you got them in the first place.

If you thrilled at the idea of going blonde, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Embrace the new look with confidence and you are sure to be a head-turner.