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Get ready for your prom with some stylish
weave hairstyles

Get ready for your prom with some stylish weave hairstyles

Weaving hairstyles are among the most comely and captivating prom hairstyles available. They enhance the personality of a woman without much effort. This makeover does not have any special prerequisites and hence can adorn by anyone. Weaving essentially involves the integration of strands to the scalp so that the subsisting hair could appear longer and thicker. This process is additionally kenned as hair integration. Advisement of strands to the root area has done by weaving human or synthetic hair. This avails the hair that has integrated, to merge with the scalp area and grow in a natural manner. Hair weaving requires special maintenance as they have the jeopardy of breaking off under certain pressures.

Course of action for weave hairstyles

Take a head bath to ascertain that no dirt or oil is present in the scalp. Dry the hair exhaustively. Part the hair with the tip of a comb into different temples and leave out some strands to cover the paths visible from the sides and top of the head. Start braiding the hair from the root to the tip in mid-sized cornrows. Once all the braids have made, accumulate them and bundle with the avail of a rubber band. Open a pack of track hair after meticulous matching the colour of your hair. The terminus of the track hair should be placed on the scalp and as low as possible. Cut off the track hair at the terminus of the right hand side of the cornrow. Once the length has been decided and cut accordingly, take a C-shaped needle and thread to stitch the track on the scalp. However, ascertain to maintain the pattern of sewing around the perimeter of the head. The hairs then ironed in order to coalesce the sewed strands with the natural ones.

Variants of weaving hairstyles

Then it comes to integration of strands into the scalp, not all hair types can suit every person. Some might look better with natural hair while some might look good with synthetic hair. From the tapes, track hair to sewing, varied weave methods suit better than others do. A hair stylist with experience in the field can be in a better position to study the colour and texture of your hair and suggest a felicitous hairstyle. Let us have an optical canvassing of the three most prominent weaving hairstyles available in the market.

Stitched-in weave:

This is one of the simple solutions to a thin hairline. Natural or synthetic extensions have braided with the natural hair initially to compose a cornrow. They have stitched directly onto the scalp. These stitch-in hair weaves hairstyles can avail in modification of texture, length and colour. Such styles can last for around seven to eight weeks after which either a makeover or a consummate overhaul is required.